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4 thoughts on “PET CLOTHES USA

  1. Toplink says:

    What a great site in order to find supplies and accessories for my pets. Your extensive site for finding items useful for my pets is valuable. I am happy that you have also taken care to recommend products for my horse. Sometimes, it is hard to find a store where all these items can be purchased in the same place. I realize now, all I have to do is come and shop at your website.

    1. Trent says:

      Thanks Toplink. It’s still a work in progress, as I’m still working on the sites colors, plus I want to add a blog area. I’m glad you enjoyed my site and look forward to you coming by to see it grow.

  2. Michel Maling says:

    Love these horse sheets and I see there is a sale on at the moment so now is a great time to replace the holes one here. I was just wondering what the difference is between the gentle and the mild and which will be the best option to go for in winter. Our winters here are pretty mild though so I don’t want the horse to get too hot. 

    1. Trent says:

      Hi Michel.  I found a nice article from

        Understanding Horse Blankets and Sheets – Horseman’s News (

      I wanted to get a better description for you so that when you do replace the one you have, you know all the differences between the types of horse blankets out there. I also see that when choosing a blanket, it also depends on the thickness of the coat on the horse and other factors.  Be sure to read the whole article from the link and I hope it answered most (if not all) of your questions. 

      Thank you so much for evaluating my site and am glad you enjoyed your stay.  Am trying to add a blog on my site so that you and others can converse, asking questions and discussing topics along the way at your leisure. Once you purchase through my site, please do me the utmost favor and send your reviews of the product(s) in the review area of my amazon storefront, and please give me a great rating (heheh.  Yeah, had to add that. Lol).  This will give me the ability to list products on my site wisely, providing the best products available.

      Again, thanks so much for checkinng out my site, and I hope you mark it as a favorite for future purchase considerations.  Take care Michel.

      – Trent

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